Introducing Hound, the Fantom Blockchain’s first community mascot!

The Fantom Blockchain is uniquely horror themed! The name of the blockchain is Fantom Opera which derived from the classic ‘Phantom of the Opera’ horror novel. This sets the theme of the blockchain and the Dapps that are built on it.

From it’s premier dexes being named Spookyswap and Spiritswap and it’s privacy protocols being named Shade, the horror and undead theme is prevalent and forms the foundation of the network.

The Fantom Blockchain is also one of the fastest with near instant transactions and gas fees almost negligible. The community is also very united, active and super friendly.

We believe the network and community deserve a mascot that captures the horror essence of the network, hence the creation of $HOUND as the community dog tokens should be horror themed as well!

While we maybe starting small, we believe in the Fantom community and want to do our part in supporting the network. We have many plans on how we’ll be growing our community. Stay tuned for our updates!


From everyone at the HOUND team!

About Us



The Community Mascot of the Fantom Blockchain

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Hound on Fantom

Hound on Fantom

The Community Mascot of the Fantom Blockchain

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